It gives me great pleasure when others enjoy a performance. Here is what the media had to say about my work:

Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

"Emma Peele, a Canadian actress who is one of the all-time best Victorian screamers I have ever heard, plays a lady of dubious virtue of interest to both the good doctor Jekyll and his evil alter ego, Mr. Hyde. A very appealing actress, Ms. Peele balances her elegance with an inner passion that makes her a perfect partner for the formidable Hyde."

                          -From: Finding Myself in Hoboken by Mary Lois


The Good Doctor
"Lovely Emma Peele portrays a victim of Chekhov’s calculated advances with very funny results."

                         - From: Queens Courier by Cliff Kasden


Stepping Out

"Emma Peele whose husband beats her, gets a powerful dramatic scene that brought the role into sharp focus."

                         -From: Finding Myself in Hoboken by Mary Lois


Sometimes Gay Means Happy

"It opens with Tori Roth (a super-committed Emma Peele) as your 'Broadway Baby'."

-From: Theatre is Easy by Shawna Cormier


The current re-write of One Last Dance (my first feature screenplay) has been completed. Wow what a difference! Now for the editing!!

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